Safety Posters + Tailgate
Safety Meeting Poster Book
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Laminated Safety Posters -
Universal for Industry
These 11" X 17" posters are laminated for use
on an industrial worksite.  Use these posters
to bring your tailgate safety meetings to life.
Posters are sold individually or bound
together with a large D-Ring, steel grommets
pressed into the upper corner. Your choice of
posters included.

Posters are also sold individually.
Get your posters bound
together in a bundle
(Poster Book) for
hanging anywhere -
We will press a heavy-duty
grommet in the upper corner of
the dual-sided poster and supply
a D-Ring to insert.
We sequence the posters
together on a D-Ring.
Heavy-duty lamination allows
employees to handle the
posters for tailgate safety
Hang the poster book anywhere!
Posters bound together - like
a book! This is a "Safety
Manual" that is actually
useful on the jobsite.  >700

All 40 posters
38 Safety Posters, heavy duty laminated and bound
together with a D-Ring.  Price reflects a
from full price of $703.
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Graphic Safety, LLC is pleased to announce that The International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) has agreed
to carry our drilling rig related publications in their online bookstore.  You can purchase them by clicking the linked logo.

IADC recognized, that after our four year effort to remake all of the workbooks and build more, we had achieved
publications that will be useful in rapidly training the new workforce required to propel us into the next phase of industry