Fall Prevention Training
We decided to group all things "fall prevention" into one workbook and it covers:

  • Slips, Trips & Falls
  • Ladder Hazards & Use
  • Fall Protection Gear and Systems
  • Several forms of illustrated inspection training.

There are hazard recognition exercises within these pages and it is an excellent workbook.  Employees
having their own copy, where they work through the issues, will create memory retention. See our
'Workbook Catalog' for the Table of Contents.
GS_Safety Training
Workbook Catalog.pdf
The Fall Prevention Workbook has 56 pages,
300 illustrations and the quality is excellent!

Instructor copy has red binding.
Click the Safety Training Workbook Catalog to review the
specifications and Table of Contents for this workbook.

Applies to General Industry and does not cover roofing.
Certify employees
and attendants in
Fall Prevention.