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Workbook Training is
the most cost-effective
training method
Hazard Recognition Poster Book & individual posters
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Graphic Safety LLC offers the most robust collection of illustrated hazards on the planet!
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Hazard Recognition
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An employee
awareness training
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consulting, training or
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personal self-rescue device,
an easy to use safe means
buildings when traditional
exits are inaccessible.
These devices are life
savers and are therfore
valuable to private people
and companies.
Illustrated Safety Posters
  • Color balanced and well designed
  • Removable tests are Scantron and
    GradeCam compliant
  • Key points highlighted
  • Key points/hazards Illustrated
    (exceeds OSHA and operator
  • > 300 illustrations per workbook
  • BOD and OST each have 800
  • Inherently multilingual
  • Over 230 Safety Alerts embedded
    across the series
  • Field or classroom ready
  • Self-guided training
  • Employees keep their own copies
All of these workbooks are part of
the Visual Learning Series
Illustrations attract employees.

Visual Warnings in context
make hazards "real" for

If your posters are interesting
and educational employees
will read them.

Posters are "heavy-duty"
laminated so they can be
carried in the field for tailgate
safety meetings.
Workbook Series Specifications
These are the key elements of our Safety Visual Learning Workbooks
Safety Poster Catalog
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You've been teaching working employees with page after
page of policy based training, trying to get them to see
the hazards.  Why not shortcut that process by showing
them the hazards?

Built the way a worker would build it, this book is packed
with over
3500 high quality illustrations.  Hazards are
shown, instead of just written about.

373 pages in a 3-Ring Binder
The Big Book of Industrial Safety Training - Illustrated
Core Elements

Tons of basic safety issues
Cold Hazards
Heat Hazards
Chemical Hazards
Environmental Hazards
Electrical Hazards
Fire & Hotwork Safety
Fall Prevention (Slip, trip falls, ladder Hazards, Fallpro gear)
Confined Space Hazards, Entry & Rescue
Tools Use & Hazards
Lifting & Hoisting, load handling, Lashing
Hazards of Pressurized Lines

There are also expanded segments on location safety, PPE, safety around
trucks, Load securement and much, much more.

Don't miss getting this one - you've not seen safety like this before!
Confined Space  
Fall Prevention
Fire & Hotwork
OST Workbook
BOD Workbook
Lifting & Hoisting
The Lifting & Hoisting Workbook
covers a logical grouping of safety
and work skill related items which
could all fall under the tile of "Material

here for more information.

Download the flyer here.
The Drilling Rig Hoist Operator
Certification  Workbook
is the
Lifting & Hoisting Workbook combined
with a  full workbook covering all
things Lifting & Hoisting on a drilling
Rig.  Click on the picture for a more
detailed description.
Graphic Safety Workbooks
Formatted for visual learning via
extensive illustration.  Inherently “multi-
Hazards illustrated at key points.
Dropped objects shown at key
Greater comprehension in a shorter
time - Since it is proven that people
“think in pictures” understanding is
more rapidly achieved.
Self-paced workbooks can be
incorporated at a low cost.
Safety Alerts integrated to
provide authenticity.
Engineered to teach work steps and
hazards together.
Lockout/Tagout shown at key points.
Illustrations are compelling for
visual learners.
Safety steps in the work process
illustrated. Chronologically organized.
STOPs shown at key points.
Format teaches the foundation
for the JSA process.
Graphic Safety Workbooks